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Frontier is a feature film, based on a true story. John Carter, war veteran, idealist, die hard Texan arrives in Brazil with his wife and child to forge a new life in the uncharted territories of the Amazon Frontier – a place known as the Valley of the Forgotten.

Frontier has all the classic elements of the genre: warrior indigenous tribes, frontier people struggling to survive and fighting for a piece of land. A 21st century Wild West, located in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

LAtESt FrOm the Frontier BlOG

John Carter and his swimming horses

14th October 2016

  As an American Rancher in the Brazilian Amazon, John and his wife Kika raised a family on the edge of one of the world’s last great frontiers. I visited them in their home in Mato Grosso, and during one of our script meetings, John asked to take a break. His daughters wanted to take their…

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