ThE vAlLey of the ForgOtTEn

The Valley

Arriving full of idealistic dreams to save the rainforest, John Carter is shocked to find his land, Esperança Ranch, invaded by illegal trespassers, the trees being burnt and logged and a police force unwilling to take action.

At the heart of this story is a family fighting for survival and a relationship that is put to the ultimate test against the brutal but stunning landscape of the Brazil’s interior.

Appalled the speed at which the virgin forest is being destroyed, John decides to act. With a small group of like-minded ranchers, he sets up Aliança da Terra (Earth Alliance), an environmentally aware farming association – and gradually persuades local ranchers to manage their land in a more sustainable way.

But he pays a high price for struggling to change people’s mentality. The film culminates in huge firestorm in which John’s and his neighbour’s ranches are burnt to the ground. Although forced to flee with his family, John’s legacy, Aliança da Terra, lives on, growing in membership each year.

Fighting For Land

Echoes Of The Old West

Land Grabbers

Matthew Wortman’s movie echoes the early western movies of John Ford and John Huston

John Cowboy

Today’s JOHN CARTER himself a ’High Noon’ Gary Cooper style Sheriff, he has begun forging a new honest law for decent families to live by. Winning some ‘questionable’ friends, making enemies, he strides forth against impossible odds. FRONTIER movie will deliver a gritty and uncompromising slice of real-life. ‘A’ list actors will work along side the ‘real’ personalities of this land to reveal a startlingly dramatic story!

Warrior Tribes

Warrior Tribes

The Xavante tribe of Indians, were once Brazils most fierce-some warriors. The Xavante believe themselves to be the descendants of the first Creator, and that the world was made for them. But after decades of colonialism, the Xavanate have been decimated by white man diseases, and cast out of their ancestral land.

JOHN and his family are forced to confront this tribe, dying of starvation; they now live like vagrants on the side of a road. The outcome of this meeting is both incredible and historical.

Through sheer perseverance John manages to form a strong working relationship with the local Xavante tribe, introducing them to modern farming practices and forming a local fire-brigade to combat the devastating fires that wreak havoc on the land.

The Xavante Indians who will be playing themselves. Possibly a cinematic first, bringing to the big screen their own unique role in the ancient land of their fathers.

John And The Chief


From The Frontier

John Carter and his swimming horses

October 14, 2016

  As an American Rancher in the Brazilian Amazon, John and his wife Kika raised a family on the edge of one of the world’s last great frontiers. I visited them in their home in Mato Grosso, and during one of our script meetings, John asked to take a break. His daughters wanted to take their…

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21st Century Cowboy; Meet John Carter

July 7, 2016

  Based on a true story, Frontier shows us a slice of Amazonian life, as well as the causes and impact of deforestation. I saw this first hand when I was in Mato Grosso in 2007, filming the series ‘Jimmy’s Global Harvest’ for the BBC. While there I witnessed one key moment which inspired me…

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Award Winning Casting Director Rose Wicksteed Joins Frontier

June 1, 2016

We are delighted to welcome Rose Wicksteed to the Frontier team. Rose will be helping us sign star talent to the movie, and is confident that the timing is perfect to get some great names attached.  Having started her career as a Casting Assistant, Rose worked on films including ‘Inception’, ‘Chronicles of Narnia’, and ‘Bright Star’. Since 2009 she…

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South by South West Film Festival

March 1, 2016

Frontier Will be launched on 16th March 2016 at the South by South-West film festival in Austin Texas. Hosted by Director Matthew Wortman, with John and Kika Carter, the real-life characters of Frontier.

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The Dawn Of A New Era

February 29, 2016

This is my first blog, in a minute I’m about to do my first tweet…. I feel like I’ve eventually arrived in the 21st century. So here is the beginning of a series of blogs. I guess this will be the story about me making my first feature length movie – a cowboy movie with…

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Matt Wortman

Emmy award-winning director Matthew Wortman believes the story of Brazil’s Amazonian frontier is one of the most engrossing and important tales of our time. Matthew has travelled extensively through the region, recording eyewitness accounts, which are the strength and back-bone of the FRONTIER story.

As with many of Matthew’s previous dramas, he intends to cast real life characters performing alongside professional actors. He has a long track record as a drama director and is renowned for his distinctive visual flair, for breaking the boundaries of conventional story-telling.

Film Quote

His critically acclaimed dramas include 'SURVIVING DISASTERS'; 'THE BUSBY BABES’, which dramatised the tragic events of the 1958 Munich Air crash and ‘THE SPY FROM MOSCOW’ (BBC1), an espionage thriller set against the backdrop of the Cuban Missile Crisis. NEFERTITI RESURRECTED won an Emmy and gained a Grierson nomination, giving the Discovery Channel one of its highest ever-global ratings.

"...eyewitness accounts, which are the strength and back-bone of the FRONTIER story... "

Producer – - Rodrigo Sarti Werthein

Studied Psychology at SUNY- Binghamton, cinema in UnB (University of Brasilia) and graduated in Film Direction at Cuba’s EICTV, in 2003. Worked as Executive Producer of the thirty-episode tv series Street Art ; the feature films We Others(Marina Dias) and Pinta (Jorge Alencar); a dozen of short films and television content for ESPN, FUTURA, GLOBO NEWS, among others. In 2014 was the executive producer of Marcos Jorge’s Mundo Cão and José Eduardo Belmonte’s Back and Forth, which he also produced. Both films were released in the first semester of 2016. In 2016  filmed Gabriela Amaral Almeida’s The Father’s Shadow, a co-production by Acere and RT Features.

Rodrigo Sarti Werthein

ScreENwRITer - LAra MOoN

Lara has over 15 years’ experience screenwriting in the global film and television industries. After graduating London film school, she moved to Los Angeles where she worked as a Script Consultant and Screenwriter, and lectured at UCLA & USC film schools. Since returning to the UK in 2001 she has had 2 feature films theatrically released, several screenplays optioned and sold, and works consistently in TV drama.

Lara Moon

Casting Director - Rose Wicksteed

Having started her career as a Casting Assistant, Rose worked on films including 'Inception', 'Chronicles of Narnia', and 'Bright Star'. Since 2009 she has been a solo Casting Director, working on films such as Scorsese's 'Hugo'. In 2012 she was nominated for an Artios Award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting for BAFTA award-winning short film 'Room 8' and in 2014 she was nominated as a Screen International Star of Tomorrow. Her casting on upcoming features include James Wan's 'The Conjuring 2', the BAFTA nominated and BIFA award winning 'The Survivalist'; 'Mine' starring Armie Hammer, and Sci-Fi thriller 'Redivider' produced by FilmNation. She also cast double Emmy nominated and Golden Globe nominated TV movie 'Nightingale' and Season 2 of 'Legends'. 

1197374 Rose Wicksteed


Initial recces and early pre –production currently underway

Formal production starting Feb/March 2017.

Shoot: 6-8 weeks during April - May (depending on artistes availability)

Post Production: June - Aug

Go to market - Summer 2017.


Mathew Wortman

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: +44 (0)7968 082431

Polestar Pictures


Star Actors

Chatacters Mystery

More information on the characters that make Frontier the adventure it is will be coming soon...

Earth Alliance

The Frontier Today

Dirty Dad Curral

John and Kika against all the odds created a civil society organization ALIANÇA da TERRA, to fill the gap where modern NGO’s and environmentalists fell short.

Today the ALIANÇA has recruited 20,000 members across the region, significant producers of beef, cotton and soybeans; each farmer signing up with the promise to protect the Amazon forests and produce in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Between them they have a combined total of three million hectares of Amazon rainforest under their protection.

ALIANÇA da TERRA aim to add 50 million acres to their land registry over the next five year

“… 20,000 people heralding a glorious vision of Brazil’s place in the world”



Turtle Release

Together with its partners, ALIANÇA has invested 35 million dollars in corrective environment work, including protecting rivers in the Amazon, Cerrado, Atlantic Forest and Pantanal biomes.

They also run turtle breeding schemes where 30,000 newborn turtles are released each year into the Rio das Mortes river in Mato Grosso.



“Aliança has invested $35 million in corrective environment work”



Amazon FirefightersFighting Fires In The AmazonJohn and the ALIANÇA created the first fire-fighting unit, putting out forest fires across the Amazon frontier. In over 4 years, a total of 500 indigenous people have been trained as volunteer fire-fighters, bringing about a 50% reduction of fires to the woodlands in the North-eastern part of Mato Grosso state.


“Carter’s goal is to build a private firefighting force for the entire Amazon”


Alliance Logo Glyph

For more information:

Home Page

Frontier The Movie 1
Frontier The Movie 2
Frontier The Movie 3


Frontier is a feature film, based on a true story. John Carter, war veteran, idealist, die hard Texan arrives in Brazil with his wife and child to forge a new life in the uncharted territories of the Amazon Frontier – a place known as the Valley of the Forgotten.

Frontier has all the classic elements of the genre: warrior indigenous tribes, frontier people struggling to survive and fighting for a piece of land. A 21st century Wild West, located in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

LAtESt FrOm the Frontier BlOG

John Carter and his swimming horses

14th October 2016

  As an American Rancher in the Brazilian Amazon, John and his wife Kika raised a family on the edge of one of the world’s last great frontiers. I visited them in their home in Mato Grosso, and during one of our script meetings, John asked to take a break. His daughters wanted to take their…

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