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John and Kika against all the odds created a civil society organization ALIANÇA da TERRA, to fill the gap where modern NGO’s and environmentalists fell short.

Today the ALIANÇA has recruited 20,000 members across the region, significant producers of beef, cotton and soybeans; each farmer signing up with the promise to protect the Amazon forests and produce in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Between them they have a combined total of three million hectares of Amazon rainforest under their protection.

ALIANÇA da TERRA aim to add 50 million acres to their land registry over the next five year

“… 20,000 people heralding a glorious vision of Brazil’s place in the world”



Turtle Release

Together with its partners, ALIANÇA has invested 35 million dollars in corrective environment work, including protecting rivers in the Amazon, Cerrado, Atlantic Forest and Pantanal biomes.

They also run turtle breeding schemes where 30,000 newborn turtles are released each year into the Rio das Mortes river in Mato Grosso.



“Aliança has invested $35 million in corrective environment work”



Amazon FirefightersFighting Fires In The AmazonJohn and the ALIANÇA created the first fire-fighting unit, putting out forest fires across the Amazon frontier. In over 4 years, a total of 500 indigenous people have been trained as volunteer fire-fighters, bringing about a 50% reduction of fires to the woodlands in the North-eastern part of Mato Grosso state.


“Carter’s goal is to build a private firefighting force for the entire Amazon”


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