ThE vAlLey of the ForgOtTEn

The Valley

Arriving full of idealistic dreams to save the rainforest, John Carter is shocked to find his land, Esperança Ranch, invaded by illegal trespassers, the trees being burnt and logged and a police force unwilling to take action.

At the heart of this story is a family fighting for survival and a relationship that is put to the ultimate test against the brutal but stunning landscape of the Brazil’s interior.

Appalled the speed at which the virgin forest is being destroyed, John decides to act. With a small group of like-minded ranchers, he sets up Aliança da Terra (Earth Alliance), an environmentally aware farming association – and gradually persuades local ranchers to manage their land in a more sustainable way.

But he pays a high price for struggling to change people’s mentality. The film culminates in huge firestorm in which John’s and his neighbour’s ranches are burnt to the ground. Although forced to flee with his family, John’s legacy, Aliança da Terra, lives on, growing in membership each year.

Fighting For Land

Echoes Of The Old West

Land Grabbers

Matthew Wortman’s movie echoes the early western movies of John Ford and John Huston

John Cowboy

Today’s JOHN CARTER himself a ’High Noon’ Gary Cooper style Sheriff, he has begun forging a new honest law for decent families to live by. Winning some ‘questionable’ friends, making enemies, he strides forth against impossible odds. FRONTIER movie will deliver a gritty and uncompromising slice of real-life. ‘A’ list actors will work along side the ‘real’ personalities of this land to reveal a startlingly dramatic story!

Warrior Tribes

Warrior Tribes

The Xavante tribe of Indians, were once Brazils most fierce-some warriors. The Xavante believe themselves to be the descendants of the first Creator, and that the world was made for them. But after decades of colonialism, the Xavanate have been decimated by white man diseases, and cast out of their ancestral land.

JOHN and his family are forced to confront this tribe, dying of starvation; they now live like vagrants on the side of a road. The outcome of this meeting is both incredible and historical.

Through sheer perseverance John manages to form a strong working relationship with the local Xavante tribe, introducing them to modern farming practices and forming a local fire-brigade to combat the devastating fires that wreak havoc on the land.

The Xavante Indians who will be playing themselves. Possibly a cinematic first, bringing to the big screen their own unique role in the ancient land of their fathers.

John And The Chief
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