The Dawn Of A New Era

This is my first blog, in a minute I’m about to do my first tweet…. I feel like I’ve eventually arrived in the 21st century. So here is the beginning of a series of blogs. I guess this will be the story about me making my first feature length movie – a cowboy movie with a difference! After spending a lifetime making films in TV for all the major broadcasters it was time to branch out. This has been a long held cherished dream of mine to actually make a film as an independent filmmaker. There have been a number of false starts and false prophets along the way (something you better get used to if you want to be a filmmaker) but for the first time in 7 years it does actually feels like it’s beginning to happen. And SXSW Texas film festival in Austin, is the place where it’s all going to start. It’s terrifying, exciting and awesome all at the same time – and I keep pinching myself, is this really about to happen? Or maybe I’m deluding myself or woken up in some parallel universe….

Its looking like a quarter of the budget has been raised (over $500k) and investors are lining up to meet in Texas to pull together and secure the final funding.

Lets back up a second…. the movie is called FRONTIER…. my name is Matthew Wortman and I’m it’s Director/Producer. FRONTIER is a Cowboy film for the 21st Century, a modern day, REAL life Western. And it’s an intense true story

Watch this space because what’s about to happen is explosive – there’s this rocket on the launch pad all fired up, the engines are hissing all ready to go – who was it that said when you get offered a seat on the rocket you don’t’ ask where’s my seat?

Where’s the idea come from? – From a chance meeting in the Amazon over seven years ago. And in the next instalment or two I’ll tell you the extraordinary circumstances of how that came to be. A moment that changed my life forever and quite possibly changes the lives of others. …Well I hope so…That blog instalment will be called ‘Meeting John Carter’

But for the moment I have to prepare myself for SXSW, Texas film festival – now regarded as one of the most important festivals on the circuit. SXSW is listed by many Producers in their top ten, and also attracts a large delegation of Brazilians Producers/Distributors. I’m meeting a number of high profile members of the Brazilian trade and export office (APEX-Brasil) some of Brazil’s top entrepreneurs.

That’s all for now, Best Matt

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